Modular Clean Room

Pharmacon’s modular clean room have been installed in clean rooms throughout the country in a range of applications from pharmaceutical companies to consumer industries.

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We, at PHARMACON, understand that appropriate sizing of HVAC components is critical for design of energy efficient HVAC system at optimum cost. Hence we adopt a systematic approach toward HVAC sizing, taking into consideration various factors such as climate, building configuration, space usage, system & area zoning and classifications.

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Containment Solutions

Pharmacon is specializes in design and manufacture of customized containment solutions, fill finish / aseptic filling isolator and dispensing and sampling to cater to stringent regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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Validation & Commissioning

We always take good care of our clients, our supplied products and services by offering regular calibration services. We also focuses on good QC practices to make our services stands out the crowd.

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Bioreactors & Fermentors

Pharmacon offers single-use, stirred tank bioreactors and fermentors is a modular, turnkey platform for process development through to manufacturing scale.

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Particle Counters

 Particle counters and dust monitors are designed primarily for use in controlled environment applications. Particle counters detect and measure individual particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.

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Pharmacon, the pioneered Pharma Turnkey Solution provider in Bangladesh with at least 20 satisfied clients.

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More about us

Who we are

We are a team of cumulative 60+ years of experiences in local and foreign pharmaceutical companies. We always believe in good quality services as we always did in our professional careers.

What we do

We offered Pharma turnkey solutions to pharmaceutical industries of Bangladesh.

Why we do it

We always loved to offer quality services, that’s we really enjoyed our services and satisfied clients.

Where we do it

We are available all over the country, we always focuses on client needs, not the location of the industry.

Our Capabilities

Pharma Project Management 95%
HVAC Consultancy 90%
Turnkey Projects 85%
Industrial Design 80%
Marketing 90%
After Sales Services 95%